Barnabas and the End of the World

The wonderful Epistle of Barnabas from around 100 AD says that there are seven days of world history. One day is as a thousand years with the Lord. So there are 6000 years until the return of Christ.

In Bishop Ussher’s chronology, the world commenced on the evening of September 20, 4004 B.C. Barnabas’s six thousand years have passed already. Ussher does not account for any time spent in the Garden of Eden, so if we allow, say, seven years there, the world will end 2012.

The Aztec calendar ends in 2011, and the Mayan in 2012. Nostradamus predicted 2012. There is even a film, 2012.

Maybe I won’t get a new car just yet. I’ll wait til 2013